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Our Company Information

Issuer Name: William Marshal plc

Company Number: 10687022

Auditor: M Georghiades & Associates, 130A Darkes Lane,
Potters Bar Hertfordshire EN6 1AF

Share Registrar: Avenir Registrars, 5 St Johns Lane London EC1M 4BH

Corporate Adviser & Clearing Agent: EGR Broking Ltd, Dawson House, 5 Jewry Street, London EC3N 2EX

Legal Advisors: Shakespeare Martineau, 1 Colmore Square, Birmingham B4 6AA

Company Secretary: JT Accountants Limited, 1 Sir Matt Busby Way, Manchester M16 0QG

The Class I shares have the following particulars:



Bloomberg ticker: WMSH:CY


Settlement: CREST

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